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We, the Diamond Jewellery Repair Workshop in Birmingham, a small family business (craftsman and craftswoman), specialise in quickly restoring your precious jewellery (same-day service) with unrivalled precision and care; we solve your problem.

Our expert craftsmanship touch on every repair ensures that your unique pieces are returned to their original splendour (at least).



Fine Diamond Resetting

Expertly reset and secure fine diamonds in your jewellery with precision, enhancing their beauty and guaranteeing their safety. Our skilled approach ensures each diamond is perfectly positioned, elevating your piece's elegance and durability.


Antique Jewellery Restoration

We specialize in the restoration of antique diamond jewellery, meticulously preserving their historical essence and charm. Our skilled craftsmanship ensures each piece retains its original beauty and value, revitalizing your timeless treasures with care and expertise.


Secure Prong Retipping

Reinforce the security of your diamonds with our Secure Prong Retipping service. We meticulously restore and strengthen the prongs of your rings and other jewellery, ensuring your precious stones remain firmly in place and beautifully displayed.


Treasured Ring Repair

Expertly restore the elegance and integrity of your diamond rings with our Treasured Diamond Ring Repair service. We specialize in repairing, resizing, and revitalizing diamond rings, ensuring they continue to symbolize your cherished moments beautifully.


Magical Mirror Shine

Elevate the brilliance of your diamond jewellery with our Mirror Shine Diamond Detailing service. We expertly clean and polish each piece, ensuring your diamonds sparkle with unmatched clarity and radiance.


Expert Prong Restoration

Our Expert Prong Restoration service meticulously repairs broken or damaged prongs on your diamond jewellery. We ensure each prong is carefully reshaped and reinforced, securing your precious stones and preserving the beauty and integrity of your pieces.


New Diamond Fitting

Opt for our New Diamond Fitting service to seamlessly replace lost or damaged diamonds. We meticulously match and set new diamonds, ensuring a perfect blend with your existing jewellery, restoring its original splendor and brilliance.


Diamond Stabilization Service

Our Diamond Stabilization Service expertly addresses any wobbling in your diamond settings. With precision and care, we ensure your diamonds are securely fixed, eliminating any movement and enhancing the overall durability of your precious piece.

Who's Who

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- She's the quality queen, giving Colin's work the once-over.
- Polishes and primpers Colin's repaired masterpieces to a gleaming perfection.
- The charming chatterbox keeping clients in the loop, handling the cash, and crunching numbers.
- Takes on the workshop wizardry that doesn't involve tinkering with the treasures.
- Reigns supreme as the brand's managerial maestro, steering our sparkling ship!

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- is the chap who'll be sprucing up your jewels!

What's the damage

jewellery repairs price

Understanding the exact cost of jewellery repair without a detailed examination is like trying to guess the value of a diamond without seeing its shine.
Here at Diamond Jewellery Repair Workshop, we recognize that each piece of jewellery is unique, with its own story and special features.
Providing an accurate estimate over the phone or from a photo would be like trying to paint a portrait with our eyes closed.
To give you a fair and precise quote, we need to examine your jewellery under our microscope.
This detailed inspection lets us identify exactly what repairs are necessary and how much they will cost.
The best part? This assessment is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes.
If you decide to go ahead with the repair, you can be assured that 95% of our repairs are completed on the same day within two hours.
Our workshop operates Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.
If you bring in your jewellery before 1:00 PM, we can usually return it repaired the same day, by 3:00 PM.
We understand you might want a standard price for jewellery repair, but just like every piece of jewellery is unique, so is every repair.
By providing a personalized quote after a thorough examination, we ensure you only pay for what your piece really needs, guaranteeing the best care and attention for your precious items..

Completion Time

jewellery repair workshop birmingham
90% - 2 hours

We deeply value your time. That's why we're thrilled to let you know that an impressive 90% of our jewellery repairs are completed on the same day, often in less than two hours!
As a dedicated duo, we bring our combined expertise and meticulous care to every piece of jewellery, ensuring swift and exceptional service.
Trust in our hands-on approach for professional and top-quality repairs, making sure your favourite jewellery is ready to shine again in a flash.
We only repair what we can guarantee.
Each repair comes with our promise of quality and durability, ensuring your jewellery is not just fixed, but fully backed by our expertise and assurance.

fast jewellery repairs
7% - 3 hours

In addition to our swift service, we also cater to those special cases that require a bit more time and attention.
Approximately 7% of our jewellery repairs fall into this category, where a little extra care is essential.
Even for these more complex tasks, we ensure they are completed within the same day, taking no longer than three hours.
This approach allows us to dedicate the necessary time to intricate repairs without sacrificing our commitment to prompt service.
When your jewellery needs that extra bit of attention, trust us to deliver both precision and efficiency, ensuring your treasured pieces are back in your hands quickly and in impeccable condition.

jewellery repairs workshop
3% - one day

Lastly, we recognize that some jewellery repairs demand an even higher level of intricacy and expert care.
These special cases, making up the remaining 3% of our work, can be particularly challenging and may require up to a full day to complete.
This extended time allows us to tackle the most complex and delicate repairs, ensuring every minute detail is addressed with precision.
Rest assured, even these more involved repairs are handled with the same level of professionalism and dedication, guaranteeing your most precious pieces receive the exceptional treatment they deserve and are returned to you in perfect condition.

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Exquisite Care for Your Sparkle: Swift and Meticulous Diamond Jewellery Repair

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